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How To Achieve Sweet and Pretty Look For Long Hair

We all try to achieve that pretty, sweet, and cute look with our hair to go in with our everyday style, but sometimes we don’t have the time to bother with our hair. Here are a few steps that will let you achieve that hair that won’t take up much of your time.

1. Separate your hair into 3 sections with a clip and use a comb curling iron to curl your hair outwards. Make sure you do it to every section, including your hangs. 

2. Comb through the curls with your hand to untangle and use hairspray to keep the curls intact.

3. Hold your hair from the side (any side) behind your ear and slowly roll it diagonally downwards to the bottom side of your other ear by using bobby pins to keep the hair in place. At the top median part of your hair comb it a bit to give it volume.

4. Grab the other side of your hair and twist it towards you and use a bobby pin to hold it all together.

5. Use a comb to fluff out the bottom part of your hair by using your hand by holding onto the bottom part of the hair.

See how simple and easy it was to achieve a very cute hairstyle without taking up so much time?

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