Living with Intent

Do you ever feel like you are constantly caught up in the trivial, mundane garbage of the day in and day out? Do you ever say to yourself, “there must be more than this”? The days pass, the weeks go by, the months drift away, and then you wake up on New Year’s Day of 2021 and reflect on the year only to think “what the hell did I do in the past year that meant anything”? Well, if you find yourself in these predicaments, I say to you, “what are you doing to change your life?” I will bet the answer is nothing or possibly that you constantly think about ways to change your life yet nothing ever comes to fruition. Why am I so certain of this? Because I am on the same sinking ship with you.

Life goes by, and I think tomorrow I will be better. Tomorrow I will live with intention. Tomorrow I will be more productive in life to get the things I want out of life. The thing about tomorrow, my friends is that it never really comes. Tomorrow is an infinite idea, and so I challenge you to take the bull by the horns and do it today. I don’t know what your “it” is, but get out there and do it.

How? I am sure this is the question you ask yourself over and over. How can I change my life or my situation? You’re buried in debt, maybe your marriage is falling apart, maybe you’ve been forever single and looking for the right person, maybe you hate your job, maybe you have no patience for your kids, maybe you want to travel the world, you want to feed the poor or clothe the homeless, maybe….there are countless maybe’s out there, and only a few of them will ever turn into realities. Do you want to be the person who is forever wishing on a maybe or do you want to be the person that everyone envies because YOU turned you’re maybe into a reality?

I want to be the latter of the two, and what I have realized in the last few weeks is that I am not living with intent. I am letting life just happen to me with the hopes that I might win the lottery or that Sallie Mae’s records will be hacked and they will lose all the proof that I owe them a dime. Well, I don’t play the lottery, and I am sure that Sallie will never lose her records. So that means that it is up to me, and only me to change my life, and the only way to do that is to BE intentional in everything that I do.

You have to figure out what it is that you want, and then take the steps to get there. They are not easy steps. The last thing I want to do after I have worked all day and dealt with the kiddos all night is work more. I want to sit and veg out on reruns of Game of Thrones or play the Frozen game on my phone. I want to do things that take zero brain cells to complete, but let’s take a look at what that is getting me…..NOTHING. I am no closer to paying off my loans, I am no closer to owning my own business, I am no closer to being able to quit my job and try my hand at acting, etc. I am closer to being a robot that just falls in line with society and all its rules. I can assure you that is NOT what I want, yet I have become so complacent with the idea of this life. WHY!?!? Because it is easy. It is easy to follow the road that is heavily traveled. There are footprints to follow and convenient stops for beer along the way, and at the end of the road is retirement. YAY! Right? WRONG!

We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so why do we fall in line so easily with the dream of retirement? We work our lives away making the rich richer with the hope that we will survive to full retirement age to collect our social security and our 401k money. I am ok with the idea of delayed gratification but DAMN! That’s a long wait. And in the meantime, I have just become a shell of a person going through the motions. I don’t think I will even know myself by the time I retire if I continue on this path, and I refuse that as my future.

So here are some of my maybe’s, and my goal for 2022 is not to lose weight or be a nicer person or any of the other cliché resolutions, but rather to live with intent. To live my life rather than let life live me. I am taking the plane off of autopilot and while it’s going to be a difficult and bumpy ride, I am prepared for whatever blows my way. Are you ready? If you are, I say to you: Let’s freaking do this!

My Maybe’s:

  • Pay off 25% of our debt this year
  • How?

Get my blog up and running
Start a side business with the hubs selling on Amazon (FBA Seller)
Sell the massive amount of things we do not need or use online
Plan all meals so we don’t end up eating out randomly
Be incredibly productive at work making the most of every opportunity that comes my way.

  • The Blog – Make it successful
  • How?

Do at least one thing every day that involves my blog
Post at least one post per week
Figure out how the Hell people make money blogging
Patience with progress
Learn Twitter and Instagram to use them to support the blog

  • Amazon FBA Business with the Hubs
  • How/Goal?

Get a product created and begin selling
Make $1000 in profit monthly within 6 months

  • Long Term Goal: Become a business owner that can work from anywhere in the world and begin to take advantage of that by traveling the world.
  • I will blog more about this in a separate post. 🙂

This already feels overwhelming, but here is my promise to myself and you. Each day doesn’t have to be some huge task, but each day must be lived with intention. I am not saying that I will never veg out with Game of Thrones, but what I am saying that every day, even if it is the most minuscule of tasks, I will do something to turn my maybe’s into my realities. We can do this, my friends. Define what you want. Define how to get there. And most important do it. Every day. Even on days when you want to curl up in your bed and do absolutely nothing, I encourage you to fight that feeling and DO SOMETHING. The only difference between you and the people living the life you want is the persistence and effort to live with intention. Make a plan and execute it!

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

Dream. Plan. Do.

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