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Spring Cleaning Fever: DIY Customized Closets

Now is the time to organize your home so that you can spend the warmer months enjoying things on the outside. If you’re like me, you drool when you see those built-in, customized, and expensive closet systems some lucky ducks have in their homes. But wipe your chins! There are easy and affordable ways to achieve that same level of organization — without breaking the bank. Here are a few of my coveted closet hacks.

Roll With It

As you can see, there are many different ways to use items you already own to get your closets in … um, order. The biggest objective is to find a way to use all of the space available to you. If your closet is deeper than it is wide, check to see if a rolling rack might fit? What you see is what you wear, so if you’re able to quickly roll out a rack — you might make better use of a wardrobe than if it was stored in a dresser.

Forget the Floor

Another rule of thumb? The floor should be a last resort. It takes about 2.5 seconds for your well-intentioned display of neatly lined up shoes to turn into a murky soup of single socks and clothes that have fallen off the hangers. When you assign a specific space for your stuff, you’re giving your brain some clear instructions on where to keep it. Think about investing in an inexpensive shoe rack to keep clear of the clutter.

Eliminate Excess

The best possible way to get your closets in order can also prove to be the most difficult: get rid of things. A friend of mine told me she turns her hangers facing backward and then turns them around when she wears something. Whatever is still facing backward when the year is over, has to go. Whatever method you use to sort out your wardrobe, using apps like eBay can make the purging process a lot easier.

So let’s get to it! Summer is waiting right around the corner and you want to be able to locate your suit and your sandals as quickly as possible.

Have you tried any of these closet hacks? Have any of your own to share?

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