5 Home Decor Staples You Should DIY

Outfitting your home can get expensive. So, anywhere you can save a few bucks helps stretch your decorating budget. And since one of my goals for this blog is to help you get the beautifully decorated home you want no matter your budget, then I need to tell you a few of my tricks for saving money. One way I do this is by DIYing what I can. One huge benefit and a big reason I DIY is that you can customize it to get the exact look you are going for. I don’t know about you but when I get a design in my head, I usually have very specific things in mind and I often have a hard time finding all those design elements in stores. So here are the 5 home decor staples you should DIY.

Art Work

This is a fun one because art is so subjective. You may not think that you are crafty or artistic but you CAN create some kind of art. There are so many options in this area. And this is a fun one to tailor to your specific wants and needs. It also adds special meaning to your art. Here are just a few ideas of art you can DIY:

  • Word Art
  • Abstract Art
  • Watercolor
  • Free Printable Art
  • Fabric Wrapped Canvas
  • Painted Canvas
  • Embroidery
  • Cross-stitch
  • Sketches

I could go on and on with different ideas but I think you get the idea. Here are examples of how I have used DIY art in my home:

The horse sketch was drawn by me and shaded by my husband for the girl’s room. I bet you can’t tell what their favorite animal is.

This canvas was born when the kids poked a pencil thru a new blank canvas. This was my attempt to save it from the trash. It turned out better than I had hoped and is a good reminder of the blessed life I live.


This could be throw pillows, shams, pillowcases, any kind of pillows. If you can do a little basic sewing or know someone who can help you, then you should sew your pillows when you can. I do this for a few reasons. Budget. But then there is also that pesky design idea I just can’t get out of my head and can’t find in any stores.

My favorite pattern for throw pillows is a simple envelope pillow cover. Here is a good tutorial by Ashley from At Home With Ashley. And while you are there, check out her blog. She also has many good ideas for decorating on a budget. You can also sew a basic pillowcase or sham using fabric you love and that fits your design plan. And this will save you tons!

This is my new leopard pillow. It doesn’t live here but was just taking advantage of the super fun pink chair for a photo op.

This is a pillowcase from the master bedroom. It used to have a cute pom trim but the washing machine tore it apart. But the floral is still cute. I have a good husband who puts up with a lot of pinks.

Feature walls

I love this one too. I just love all DIY because there are just so many fun options! Can’t afford wallpaper or can’t find the specific look you are going for? DIY! Want that shiplap wall everyone is raving about? DIY (or find someone to help! You can do it! Learn new skills!)! The options are endless. Have fun with it!

Here are two I have used in my house.

This is my DIY version of the super fun spotted wallpaper done with a gold paint sharpie:

This is the beginning of my shiplap wall:


If you are super handy with tools and wood you could make your own. Or you could refinish thrift store finds. Or use new furniture and change it up (like Ikea hacks). Or reupholster that free chair. Again, the possibilities are endless.

Here is an Ikea hack that has probably been overdone but is still super fun. I know I have heard boys are hard on stuff but I am telling you that my girls are even harder on things than the boys! 

This was my mothers-in-law that she gave me and I repainted and distressed.

The boys got an Ikea hack also:

$3 plant stand from the thrift store got new paint and a new home. I really should get that plant a proper pot. Or at least a prettier one.


I wasn’t sure what to call this one. But basically, I mean an item you can hang things on such as keys or bags or coats. Things like that. These are fairly simple to make and many don’t require any tools other than maybe a drill. Here are a few that we have made and use in our home:

This was born out of necessity. I just happened to have the wood arrow and it turned out fun. I like to think it has a beachy vibe. Or at least I pretend it is pointing to the beach.

This is a fun little eclectic coat hook piece. The salvaged wood came from a house my parents were renovating and the knobs were picked out by the kids at Hobby Lobby. Mostly it just houses my purse in the mudroom.

So there you have the 5 home decor staples that you should DIY. There are more, but those are probably my top 5. Curtains come up at nearly a tie with the hooks/hangers. What home decor items do you like to DIY?

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